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Constructing Successful Legal Strategy Since 1990

Kevin Kelly, Esq. is a Board Certified Construction Lawyer



If your prospective attorney cannot readily name multiple, large-stakes cases he or she has tried, look elsewhere.  


Depth of legal knowledge also matters. Ask your prospective attorney to list his or her appellate cases. Nothing like researching, drafting and oral argument of appellate briefs will identify the depth of legal knowledge you should expect.



Flexibility and creativity may not be the first elements of legal strategy that come to mind.  In the end, they can make the difference between success and failure.


A modicum of foresight by our trained eyes can eliminate expensive headaches down the road. Don't be lulled into hiring solely a transactional lawyer. When you find yourself in a legal dispute, our focus will be extracting you as promptly and economically as possible.


The best way to keep out of court, or to get out once you're in, is to hire attorneys with the reputation for trying cases when faced with the unreasonable obstinance of an opponent. 

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